Men’s symposium in Frankfurt in May: Sex, Authenticity and Power

(In English this one time only) Calling on all empowered men with big, open hearts and a hard-on for life! There’s an exciting men’s symposium in Frankfurt in May (23-26). I’m going and I’m hereby inviting you guys too!

This Symposium is convened by two men who hold a vision of gathering the European tribes of men to meet, play, learn, gather around the fire, and lay a foundation for empowered, good work in our respective communities in the important time to come.

I think we all know that society today leaves a lot to be desired in terms of wisdom, true potency, sexual and relational authenticity, respect for essential gender qualities – both masculine and feminine, empowered and responsible activism in the world – to mention but a few things. What I love about the vision Robert and Nick hold is that they want to gather European men of power and heart to build connections across borders, generations and cultures to address these issues and co-create a more potent and loving future.

I’ve been invited to present on the work I’ve been doing with masculinity and movies and it would mean a lot of me to have you there. More importantly, however – I just want to hang out with you there and to further build on the power and vision all of us already hold. It would be fun, important and something to remember.

It’s not expensive and there’s an early-bird discount (which expires at the end of January).

Robert Fischer on his vision

Nick Duffell on his vision

Hope to see you there!

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